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Tal Dvash
Dew Drops

Handmade Felt Art

My name is Tal Dvash, I live in Tel Aviv, Israel with my husband Tom and my daughters Zoe and Lani.


Ever since I can remember I was fascinated by the world of fairies. I collected fairies in all shapes and sizes.


For a few years I worked at a kindergarten and I wanted to decorate it (and my private collection) with magical fairies in all shapes and sizes, floating around the room.


This is how I discovered the world of needle felting.


I started making needle felted fairies and let my hands carry me on. I made gnomes and dolls, snowmen, ballerinas, flower pots, mushrooms and more… the sky is the limit of what one can make with needle felting :)


My fairies makes me and the people around me smile, I hope it will make you smile too.


You are welcome to visit my Etsy shop (English)

and my Facebook page (Hebrew)

or just email me at


Tal :)

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